Key Property Services for Agents, Landlords and Tenants

End of Tenancy: Check-out Property Inventory Service

This service is to ensure that an accurate end of tenancy comparison is made by referring it to the Inventory Report that was compiled at check in.

A detailed report is compiled which will detail any differences to the condition of the property and indicate whether the differences need to be ‘made good’, are a result of ‘fair ,wear and tear’, need to be ‘cleaned’, or are a result of any ‘maintenance issues’.

Any items which are damaged, need cleaning or are of a maintenance issue will be digitally photographed and incorporated into the final report.

All missing items are listed and the overall condition at the end of tenancy will also be recorded.

Utility meter readings are taken along with any forwarding addresses of the Tenants where possible. Finally, keys are then signed back to our Inventory Consultant.

For Landlords and Agents, a simple Deposit Return Analysis sheet can be provided upon request at no extra charge. This will detail our recommendations on any deductions to be made from the deposit.

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