Key Property Services for Agents, Landlords and Tenants

Mid-Term Inspections

We perform periodic interim property inspections for managed properties, ensuring Landlords and Managing Agents are aware as soon as possible of any potential problems.

Inspections are normally arranged direct with the Tenant to give them the opportunity to be present.

We are always sensitive and mindful to the fact that tenants are living in the property, so will not lift or move their personal possessions.

Unless there is a potential health and safety issue or potential damage to the property, we will not comment too much on the level of cleanliness or tidiness.

We specifically look for mould, mildew, leaks, insect/pest infestation, overcrowding, pets or smoking in the property.

If the Tenant is present we will ask them if there are any maintenance issues which the Landlord or Managing Agent should be aware off.

The Mid-Term Inspection report is then emailed to either the Landlord or Managing Agent of the property.

Get in touch to arrange your mid-term inspection by our qualified inventory professionals.